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Sticker Pack #1


  • Image of Sticker Pack #1

Two large stickers, two medium stickers, and two mini stickers <3

Image of Am I Gay? (Sticker)
Am I Gay? (Sticker)
Image of what if we told ourselves the truth? (Sticker)
what if we told ourselves the truth? (Sticker)
Image of "Juan Versus José" (Sticker)
"Juan Versus José" (Sticker)
Image of "DECLINED" (Sticker)
"DECLINED" (Sticker)
Image of "November" Sticker
"November" Sticker
Image of "It's Mutual" (Sticker)
"It's Mutual" (Sticker)
Image of Solitude Sticker
Solitude Sticker
Image of Facetime Me Sticker
Facetime Me Sticker
Image of Happy Birthday, Sagittarius (Sticker)
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius (Sticker)
Image of Collectively Dreaming (Sticker)
Collectively Dreaming (Sticker)
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